iPhoneDev에서 공식적으로 배포하기전 자신의 블로그에서 PwnageTool 2.0을 공개했다.

Thanks for waiting :)

Here you go.

We’ll be releasing a more official announcement soon, but we wanted to get the tool out there. We sincerely hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it :)

Update 1: Just to clear up some confusion over what this actually does: yes, it jailbreaks and unlocks older iPhones, and jailbreaks iPhone 3Gs and iPod Touches. We only support the 2.0 firmwares.

Update 2: It looks like there aren’t enough TCP ports on that server, so _BigBoss_ has generously offered to mirror it.

Update 3: If you get Error 1600 from iTunes, try: mkdir “~/Library/iTunes/Device Support” ;  if that directory already exists, remove any files in it.  Then re-run PwnageTool. 

이로 2.0 Firmware도 Jailbreak가 되었다. 앞으로도 AppStore와 비공식 루트(Install.app)가 공존할 가능성은 있어보인다.

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